Breanne Thomas

Breanne Thomas
Bachelors of Music Performance 2008, Bachelors of Music Education 2011, Suzuki Certified, & Music Mind Games Certified

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Highlights of Intermountain Suzuki Institute 2011

Well Suzuki Institute was wonderful, as usual!

I am really enjoying adding the Suzuki Method to my bag of teaching tricks. What led me to the Suzuki method was expanding my horizons of how to teach a 3-5 year old. The best outcome yet was seeing my 18 month old learn posture last summer!

Last year I took Book 1 and this year I took Book 2 & 3. How wonderful! So many fun teaching ideas that are kid friendly! I love being able to network with other teachers my age and observing other great teachers who have been teaching for 30+ years.

The highlight of this Institute was meeting, seeing, and observing one of my favorite Violinists, Jenny Oaks Baker. I was able to observe her in Concert, in a Master Class, and had a quick bow hold chat. So fun!

Now, I am off to organizing notes, researching, and practicing! There is always more to learn, and that is what I love about music!