Breanne Thomas

Breanne Thomas
Bachelors of Music Performance 2008, Bachelors of Music Education 2011, Suzuki Certified, & Music Mind Games Certified

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Young Beginner Piano Success Story!

Congratulations to Kadee!! I am very proud of this beginner piano student that practiced a lot this year and made tremendous progress in pace of learning and technique! In one year of learning piano this student learned Suzuki Piano Book 1. Then this summer 2014 she received an opportunity to play for a wedding and took that challenge. Again, more practice went into it and she is prepared!

Way to go!!
Breanne Thomas

Monday, May 6, 2013

Advanced Viola Student Success Story

Congrats to Noelle! She was accepted into Dr. Michael Palumbo's Viola Studio (Viola Professor at Weber State, Conductor of Chamber Orchestra Ogden, and Violist in Ballet West Orchestra). This was my 2nd Student to be accepted into his studio and I look forward to more success stories in the future!

Great Work Students and Parents!
Breanne Thomas

Friday, June 29, 2012

A.S.T.A. String Fest 2013 Student Results

A.S.T.A. String Fest 2013 Student Results
Senior Division
Noelle Roskelley - Superior Rating!

Jr. High Division
Megan Brasher - Excellent Rating!

A.S.T.A. String Fest 2012 Student Results
Jr. High Division
Noelle Roskelley - Best Bach Performance! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music Mind Games

Music Mind Games Training at the 2012 Intermountain Suzuki String Institute was amazing! Music Mind Games is the most fun, detailed, and thorough music education system! It teaches music theory, music literacy, rhythms, tempo terms, dictation, solfeggio (do-re-mi), etc. to children (ages 3+) - Adults from beginning to advanced levels. I was able to observe children and adults having a blast learning music with Music Mind Games. What a rewarding experience it was to hear children and adults say, "Music is easy!" and "This is so fun!" That is something all teachers work hard to achieve! Michiko Yurko has perfected Music Mind Games this last 30 years with a lot of research about the way people learn and it shows in how quickly and easy all levels of students learn music with her system. I am excited for the added success Music Mind Games will bring to my studio!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Breanne's Teaching Research References

How Muscles Learn: Teaching the Violin with the Body in Mind, Susan Kempter
Music Mind Games, Michiko Yurko
Nurtured by Love, Shinichi Suzuki
Ability Development from Age Zero, Shinichi Suzuki 

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I had the privilege of walking at Graduation today for my Music Education Degree from Weber State University. What an honor it was to participate in this beautiful ceremony! I feel so thankful for the two bachelors degree's I have received from this university! As I reflect back on this degree, I have grown tremendously in understanding more about teaching in a classroom, how children learn through their unique learning styles & personalities, and positive classroom management techniques. I am a firm believer in this statement, "Teachers are Life Long Learners" and that is why I will continue to certify and research music education now and forever! My teaching and education plans for this next year are as follows:  Continue Suzuki training, train with Music Mind Games Creator Michiko Yurko this summer, and read at least 5 music education books sitting on my shelf!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Student Teaching

It's my last semester at WSU and then I will graduate with my Music Education Degree, Dec. 2011. Student teaching is all that's left! Student teaching begins this Fall and I am excited for another opportunity to teach in a group setting. I will be teaching 5 Elementary Orchestra Classes, 2 Jr. High Orchestra Classes, and 1 High School Orchestra Class. I am looking forward to bouncing musical ideas around with my cooperating teacher and learning more about orchestra in the public school setting.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Highlights of Intermountain Suzuki Institute 2011

Well Suzuki Institute was wonderful, as usual!

I am really enjoying adding the Suzuki Method to my bag of teaching tricks. What led me to the Suzuki method was expanding my horizons of how to teach a 3-5 year old. The best outcome yet was seeing my 18 month old learn posture last summer!

Last year I took Book 1 and this year I took Book 2 & 3. How wonderful! So many fun teaching ideas that are kid friendly! I love being able to network with other teachers my age and observing other great teachers who have been teaching for 30+ years.

The highlight of this Institute was meeting, seeing, and observing one of my favorite Violinists, Jenny Oaks Baker. I was able to observe her in Concert, in a Master Class, and had a quick bow hold chat. So fun!

Now, I am off to organizing notes, researching, and practicing! There is always more to learn, and that is what I love about music!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Musical Progress!

My Teaching Updates & Improvements
Since I graduated back in Dec. of 2008 with my Bachelors of Music in Instrumental Performance, its been one improvement in music after another. First, I went back to school for my teaching license/2nd Bachelors in Jan. of 2010. Then, in summer 2010 I began exploring the Suzuki Method in depth and completed my Suzuki Bk. 1 training. Next, I completed the Bk. 2 & 3 training summer 2011. Also, I have been working with passion on studio improvements to push my quality of teaching to the next level. Even more, I have been  researching and watching, Ivan Galamian's Master Teacher Series for more teaching ideas on Violin. Lastly, I created this website which is a wonderful tool of information and encouragement for all of my students!

Performance Updates
I am a member of the Viola section of Chamber Orchestra Ogden, located at Union Station, & under the direction of Michael Palumbo (also known as the W.S.U. Symphony Orchestra conductor). I'll put updates about the concert on the studio calendar but for more information add Chamber Orchestra Ogden to your list of group's on Facebook.

Also, I have decided to explore the Violin more in depth and my mom has kindly let me use her Violin now that she took up the Harp. So, I am enjoying practicing new pieces and I plan to perform them for family and friends when finished.

Breanne Thomas